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Wood table with folded blue and white patterned napkins on top. Plates and silverware are also placed atop the table and napkins.Wood table set with a blue and white patterned runner, a potted succulent, two wine glasses, silverware, plates, and blue and white patterned napkins folded on the plates.
Toto PouchToto Pouch
Toto Pouch Sale price$ 18.00
Two blue and white pattern textile lumbar pillows with white tassels at each corner in two sizes sitting on a couch and a blanket.Detail of white tassels at corner of blue and white textile square pillow
TOTO Indigo Pillow - Green TasselsTOTO Indigo Pillow - Green Tassels
TOTO Indigo Pillow - Green Tassels Sale priceFrom $ 58.00
A square pillow with a white windowpane pattern over blue fabric sitting on a shelf. A short white tassel is attached to each corner of the pillow.
Windowpane Toto Pillow Sale priceFrom $ 72.00