((a vintage huipil from the village of Colotenango + pillows made with textiles from the same village))


These beautiful pillows are repurposed from vintage Maya clothing textiles; traditional blouses (huipiles) and skirts (cortes). Huipil (pronounced wee-peel) textiles are woven by women on a backstrap loom and Corte (pronounced core-tay) textiles are woven by men on a treadle loom.  Both are beautifully hand-embroidered.

Sourced from indigenous markets in Guatemala, each pattern identifies its origin from a specific village. The 100% cotton backings are foot-loomed by Maya weavers and selected to create one of a kind accent pillows.

Pillow Inserts

We design each and every one of our pillows. Many are not standard sizes, because we are salvaging the best parts of these vintage textiles. As a service to our customers, and unless otherwise specified, each pillow comes with a custom 10/90 feather insert made locally in Los Angeles.

If you would like to purchase our pillows without an insert, please contact us at info@theglobaltrunk.com


Due to the vintage nature of these textiles, there may be small imperfections such as tears, repairs, fading and discoloration consistent with age. It is our hope that preserving the best parts of these textiles will give them new life so that others can enjoy their beauty and intricacy for many more years to come.


A percentage of our profit is donated back to Maya communities in Guatemala.