The Global Trunk is a mission-based, certified B Corporation, and it's something we're proud to share. Though our central mission is to create sustainable opportunities for artisans working in Guatemala and Mexico, we recognize that there are always opportunities to grow in more socially-conscious and -responsible ways. Here are some examples of how we try to "do more" in our everyday operations:

Giving - We donate the equivalent of 2% of annual revenues to charitable partners, including in kind product donations. The Global Trunk contributes to two nonprofits in particular, Fundamaya and the Amigos de Jaibalito Foundation, which provide resources to and strengthen impoverished communities in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. 

Shipping & Fulfillment - Reusing boxes in good condition to pack and ship orders, wrapping items in recyclable butcher paper and paper bags, using recyclable poly mailers and implementing the use of biodegradable tape.

Creating Opportunities - Providing artisans with long-term, sustainable, and fair trade work opportunities. We deeply value our partnerships and relationships with artisans we work with, and strive to support them in both their professions and livelihoods.

Fair Trade - We implement principles of fair trade into our business model and are working on becoming Fair Trade Certified.

Preserving Tradition - Many of the products we sell are designed in styles and/or with techniques developed by Indigenous Maya peoples. Creating a market for these items sustains the existence of these cultural practices and traditions. 

Investing in Education - The Global Trunk is nothing without the masterful craftsmanship of the artisans we partner with to create our products. Behind each item and hand that works on them, there are rich experiences and heritage that often go overlooked. We are committed to routinely investing in learning more about Indigenous/Latinx cultures, histories, and narratives in our desire to be a more mindful and educated team.

It is never our intention for this list to be exhaustive, as we strive to regularly examine our procedures, practices, and beliefs. 

Certified B Corporation: This company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact