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Modern Momo Blanket - Thin Stripe - Black

Sale price$ 225.00

Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of these handmade blankets crafted by K'iche' Mayan artisans in the Western highlands of Guatemala. Made from a blend of locally sourced cotton (10%) and wool (90%) from indigenous sheep, each blanket is meticulously hand-loomed on traditional wood looms, ensuring authenticity and quality. Versatile and durable, these heavy-weight blankets make ideal cold weather bed toppers, providing both comfort and style to any bedroom decor.

Experience the natural warmth and texture of these Momo blankets, which boast a thick, unprocessed composition perfect for chilly nights. Unlike mass-produced wool products, these blankets undergo minimal processing, washed and brushed by hand to preserve their rustic charm. As a result, you may discover traces of vegetation or organic matter within the weave, adding to their unique character.

Dimensions: 56" x 76"

Queen sized ecru wool blanket with rows of horizontal black stripes and a row of tied tassels at each end
Modern Momo Blanket - Thin Stripe - Black Sale price$ 225.00