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Who We Are


Our mission is to create sustainable opportunities for artisans in Guatemala and Mexico by bringing handcrafted, fair trade products to the global market. By doing so, we aim to sustain and preserve ancient craft traditions and techniques used to create these goods.

The Global Trunk is committed to donating the equivalent of 1% of annual revenues to charitable organizations, including in kind product donations.

We contribute to and fabricate some of our products with FundaMaya, a non-profit whose mission is to strengthen the communities in the Lake Atitlan region by promoting education, wellbeing and empowerment through various and highly-attentive programs.

We also contribute to the Amigos de Jaibalito Foundation, which provides resources to the village of Jaibalito in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. 




Always interested in culture and travel, Josetta Sbeglia visited Guatemala for the first time in 2011. There she became enchanted by the beauty and craftsmanship of Maya textiles she encountered, so much so that she returned a year later with her niece, Cathy Benavides, to explore more. The two traveled the Lake Atitlan region and Western Highlands on their trip, visiting villages where local artisans exhibited and sold their handmade goods in small shops and bustling outdoor markets.

It was the handcrafted textiles, once again, that caught their attention, especially the ones woven on traditional backstrap looms and finished with exquisite hand-embroidery. The history, design, and craftsmanship they came across left the two with a desire to share with others what made these goods so special.

Together, Josetta, the owner of Fresh Paint Art Advisory, and Cathy, a social worker, founded The Global Trunk. Over the years they continued to visit and develop relationships with artisans working in both Guatemala and Mexico to source handmade goods and sell them to a global market. Eventually, with increasing support of the business, they were able to offer artisans consistent fair trade work opportunities that could guarantee the preservation of their crafts and livelihoods.  

Today, The Global Trunk continues to seek out and create sustainable opportunities for artisans, non-profits, and cooperatives in Guatemala and Mexico. At the beginning of 2022, The Global Trunk became a Certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards of environmental and social impact.



As a proud certified B Corporation since 2022, we're excited to share that we adhere to the highest social and environmental standards. Our passion lies in cultivating a more sustainable and socially responsible economy. Partnering with Mayan artisans in developing communities is more than a collaboration – it's a commitment to fair trade practices, fair wages, micro-lending support, and giving back a percentage of our sales to the communities through local non-profit organizations.

Our products are crafted from locally-sourced natural wool and cotton, ethically sourced to make a positive impact. To further contribute to a sustainable environment, we employ low-impact packaging methods, repurpose materials, and utilize recyclable shipping bags.

Thank you for being a part of our journey toward positive change!


The Global Trunk owners Cathy Benavides and Josetta Sbeglia sitting next to each other in the store.

The Global Trunk co-owners Cathy Benavides (L) and Josetta Sbeglia (R).


"In my love for travel, exploring art, attraction to color and texture, the creativity to repurpose, and the ability to represent artistry, I have been able to create a new venue that gives back to communities.                                                                     Josetta Sbeglia, Co-Founder/Owner
"Through my travels, I am able to learn, embrace cultures and create relationships, and now create an opportunity to give back in a responsible and sustainable way, by exposing unique products and craftsmanship to a larger market."                                                 Cathy Benavides, Co-Founder